What would the Big 12 Football Coaches look like on South Park?

I’ve already shown the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, and Pac-10 coaches as South Park characters…and now I present, the Big 12 football coaches as South Park characters.

This might be the best of all. Mike Leach is uncanny, Bob Stoops is money, and Dan Hawkins is incredible. It’s Division I football!!!!

Chest bumps for Brian Cook at The Fanhouse, Georgia Sports Blog, and Kit Kitchens for these creations once again, and unless someone gets busy, this will be the last in the South Park series.

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  • http://summinsummin---.co.uk dont worry

    this was absolutely horrendous. It deffinately wasn’t good enuff and i really didnt find it helpful. yours sincerely…………ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  • Tracy Davis

    Not the original, I saw one with stoops smirking wearing and flashing is National Title ring…..