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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Looks Like Charlie Weis and The Jimmy Are Gone without a Doubt

Charlie Weis Jimmy Clausen

Much like Buckeyes fans who expressed support of Rich Rodriguez on Saturday, anti-Notre Dame fans will be sad to hear about the way things are ending for the Irish. Now 6-5 after losing to UConn, all signs point to the school firing Charlie Weis after the season ends. There couldn’t have been a clearer sign than when the school decided Weis wouldn’t be allowed to remain on the West Coast for a scheduled recruiting trip following the Stanford game. That was their way of sending their message without publicly saying Weis is done.

Adding to the awesomeness surrounding South Bend this week was when Jimmy Clausen got punched on Saturday night in/outside a restaurant. The details surrounding the event are sketchy at best, with several explanations being offered. Given Jimmy’s history of untimely remarks and cocky behavior, I’m guessing he’s not the innocent lamb he’s being made out to be. As far as his future goes, the Chicago Tribune is saying the Clausens are selling their South Bend home. The home has been up for sale since the summer, but the family has accepted an offer. Was it put up for sale in the summer because of the economy or some other reason? Or was it so the family would have options in case Jimmy left school early? I’m guessing it’s the latter. Or maybe Clausen is leaving because Jimmy holds grudges.

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