Jacquizz and James Rodgers Train with Cirque De Soleil in Las Vegas

Considering I had 30 out of 34 possible points on Oregon State in my bowl games confidence pool (argg!!!) about the only thing good to come from this massacre was seeing this hilarious video of Jacquizz and James Rodgers training with Cirque de Soleil. See, Oregon State played BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl, and apparently the brothers had a private training session. They sure got the routine down as you can tell:

You think they would have done all that had they known it was going to show up on ESPN? As one YouTube commenter noted, they looked like teletubbies on acid. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh yeah, while I’m on the subject, a special shout out goes to ‘Quizz for fumbling on a lateral from Sean Canfield and letting BYU recover and return it for a score. It was Jacquizz’s first fumble in like 600 touches and it happened in the one game I needed them to win. Nice going, Beavers.

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  • JS

    Oregon State came a play away from going to the Rose Bowl and ends up relegated to the Vegas Bowl. As almost always, the team happy to be there beats the team that’s disappointed to be there.

    Anyone who lost on the Beavs can get it all back and then some by betting Boston College in the Emerald Bowl. Think USC wants to be there, compounded with the mess of academic casualties and El Senor McKnight ? Guess they were partially right when they said Joe could be the next Reggie Bush.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    We definitely saw that when Wyoming beat Fresno St in the New Mexico Bowl, treating it like it was their Super Bowl. Even with all the problems surrounding USC, they still should win easily with the defense forcing BC into several turnovers. Shinskie’s a turnover machine