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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kellen Moore Went Bobsledding and Ziplining for His Bachelor Party

Attention Tony Romo: This is how you put together an alcohol-free bachelor party.  We can’t exactly assume Kellen Moore and his friends didn’t drink at Moore’s bachelor party because we don’t know.  What we do know is that they did some pretty cool things that do not require drinking.  In fact, it would probably be pretty dangerous to drink before the activities that took place at the Moore bachelor party over the summer.

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated contains a feature story about the Boise State quarterback that talks about a bachelor party that would put Tony Romo’s to shame.  If you recall, Romo and his friends enjoyed an alcohol-free outing before he married Candice Crawford — which would be perfectly fine if they did something other than play hide-and-seek.

What Romo and the gang could have done is something awesome like bobsledding, skeleton riding, or ziplining.  That’s what Kellen Moore and his friends did before he married his high school sweetheart Julie Wilson.  Moore’s mother said Kellen and his friends came back with raccoon eyes after the trip.

So let’s assume that like the Romo party, Moore and his friends also did not drink at Kellen’s bachelor party.  Getting hammered at a bachelor party isn’t everyone’s thing and it doesn’t have to be, but hide-and-seek sounds like it could not be any more lame.  You want to get serious?  Set up a ziplining and bobsledding excursion.

Fist pound to The Big Lead for the story.

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