Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb on College Gameday (Video)

Looks like they need more of a delay in their live broadcasts over at the World Wide Leader. Those of you who were watching ESPN’s College Gameday on Saturday morning were treated to a special slip-up from the infamous Lee Corso just before he did his mascot head routine. Corso momentarily fooled the crowd into thinking he was going to pick SMU to defeat Houston by holding up an SMU prop (a cheerleader megaphone). He then dropped an, “Ah f*** it,” before putting on the Houston Cougars mascot head and making the crowd erupt. Check out the Lee Corse f-bomb video, which LBS contributor A. Liu brought to our attention:

Corso immediately realized he just made a boo-boo, as evidenced by his, “Glad there’s a delay” remark  Sorry, Lee — whoever was working the audio just wasn’t quick enough.  Later during the Michigan-Nebraska broadcast, Corso apologized and promised it won’t happen again.  We promise we won’t be upset if it does.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Surratt/100000714957082 Dennis Surratt

    when will you people get some announcers that are not so one sided? never a good word for ark, in fact watching the mich game the guy said something about a remach of lsu and ore. or lcu and ala.  why did they not say the most wide eyed  event that could happen? ark has been playing much better comp while the other two are barley beating no comp teams. If we beat miss. state then lsu we should be in the driver seat not ala

  • Anonymous