Mark Mangino Does Not Like His Players Showboating

Thanks to EDSBS and FanHouse, we have some great video from Kansas’ win over Central Michigan this weekend. Check out this punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter by Raimond (yes, there’s an “I” in his name) Pendelton:

That made the score 28-0, with Kansas going on to win it 52-7. I love it when coaches do that crap — no showboating, no penalty flags, none of that garbage. Marvin Lewis should learn from Mangino. That … was brilliant.

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  • JS

    Besides the showboating the 15 yard unsportsman penalty places the ensuing kickoff on the 15. In a 59-7 game it may not matter, but it can be huge in a close game.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    I can understand about showboating, but you shouldn’t show up your players to prove the point.

    Especially when you’re one clip board toss away from cardiac arrest.

  • College Players Union

    The coach was wrong to use that sort of language. Kansans don’t curse. Ever.

    And it was racist.

  • Don of Elyria

    That was great!! If you think Mangino showed him up you are poorly mistaken buddy. If anyone was in the wrong obviously it was the player. He got the penalty. Good for Mangino. I bet he sat the rest of the game to

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