Mark May uses Kate Upton line to put Arizona State in place

Mark May was feeling pretty saucy on Thursday and decided to throw some criticism at a few teams over Twitter.

May, a college football analyst for ESPN, first took aim at Ohio State for giving out rings to its players in celebration of their 12-0 season:

Fair point, but it’s understandable why the Buckeyes wanted to reward their players for winning all the games they could play.

Next, May went after Arizona State and used a Kate Upton comparison in the process:

Mark MayMay’s comments (written with some crappy grammar) were in reference to Notre Dame wanting to drop a scheduled 2014 game against Arizona State. ASU was upset that Notre Dame sent the message that they wanted to cancel the game via a PR person rather than having athletic director Jack Swarbrick make the phone call. May doesn’t care about manners, courtesy, or decency. In his mind, if you’re a hot girl, you can blow off anyone you want.

He may think that’s OK, but that’s not how I roll. ASU and ND had this game planned since 2008. It would be pretty crappy to cancel it now, so at least have your AD make a call if you’re going to do that.

Photo: Twitter/Mark May

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  • http://twitter.com/nicksmi23030041 nick smith

    Although i hate their sports teams, i have no problem with Ohio St giving themselves undefeated rings. It’s not as if those players and coaches committed the violations in the first place, or benefited from those violations. It’s the NCAA’s fault for not punishing the true culprits in these kind of messes: the coaches during the scandal and the boosters involved. i don’t blame a poor kid for receiving some services/goods/cash when everyone else around him is making millions off of his athletic performance. It’s total garbage.

  • disqus_ERCsTwD2Ej

    The rings won’t stay with the player very long anyway. They will be traded for tats by the start of the football season.

  • Jake

    To be fair, ASU head coach Todd Graham has a lot to make up for before he starts complaining about courtesy in breaking bad news (see: dumping Pitt football by text message, dumping Rice football 36 hours after signing new contract extension).