Michael Michaels Is as Crooked as a Reggie Bush Punt Return

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For as much crap as Reggie Bush has taken over the scandals he created upon leaving USC for the NFL, I truly believe Michael Michaels is the real crook here. Here you have a guy who was trying to make it on the sports agent/sports marketing scene by throwing a ton of cash and perks Reggie Bush’s way. No question Bush wouldn’t have been the first athlete to illegally receive gifts and bribes from agents and marketers while in school — not as if that makes it OK — but he’s not the one who cried out to the public as soon as the deal went sour.

That is so wrong in so many ways. You’re trying to illegally persuade a top-notch client to join your business — and when he doesn’t — you try to solve it in a court room?

The former landlord for Reggie Bush’s parents in Spring Valley has reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with the Bush family for alleged unpaid rent and other losses in a case still under investigation by the NCAA.

Michael Michaels alleged last year that Bush’s parents lived rent-free in his house for a year while Bush was at USC, with the understanding that Bush would be a centerpiece in Michaels’ fledgling marketing agency after he turned pro.

So no, I do not condone Reggie Bush and/or his family accepting gifts while Reggie was playing at USC, but Michael Michaels is far worse. By the way, what a sound recruiting strategy. Imagine how many other prospective clients will want to sign with Michaels now that they know should their business dealings go wrong, they could wind up going to court? What a fantastic approach!

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  • JS

    Michaels and Lake may be low life opportunists, but the fault here lies with LaMar Griffen (Reggie’s step-dad) and Reggie, the major transgressor being LaMar.

    Like all football programs, USC holds endless seminars for players and their families regarding compliance. Meanwhile between preaching Christian values in his ministry and telling any sideline reporter how he raised Reggie right, LaMar strikes a marketing deal with a couple of slimeballs, knowingly breaking rules regarding extra benefits and placing USC in potential big time trouble. What a sanctimonious f*cking hypocrytical schemer.

    A few other notes:

    * Reggie should learn to keep his mouth shut. There probably hasn’t been a QB stood up on a sneak that didn’t get a push forward by a teammate. It’s illegal but like travelling in the NBA or the phantom stepping on second on turning a dp, it doesn’t get called. But Reggie had to make his “I put all of my 200 pounds behind Matt” comment and SportsCenter will forever call this play (that happens at least a few time every Saturday and Sunday) the Bush Push and Domers everywhere will cry about it forever.

    * If Yahoo were really so sharp and credible, why didn’t they investigate this story during the summer and fall of 2005 when Reggie was still at USC and he and his family would have had to talk with the NCAAA? Oh, Michaels and Lake didn’t spew their story until they got stiffed by Reggie when he went in another direction for representation. Well, there were signs before that. The Griffins at every away game, and we’re going to overlook the expensive suit at the Heisman ceremony, but we’re going to have to ask about the diamond studded earrings.

    * For those Trojan haters waiting for USC to get the death penalty or forfeit games, don’t grow old waiting. If none of the parties involved talk to the NCAA it’s going to be hard to formulate a definite conclusion. Lack of institutional control by USC? Possibly but keep in mind that the extra benefits were provided to get Reggie to LEAVE USC. Oh, wait, ALLEGED extra benefits. Besides, the usual restitution is for the individual to donate the approximate amount of the extra benefit to a charity. Reggie’s done that many times over. Dock a few schollies? There you go, but USC seems well stocked for a few years with those highly ranked recruiting classes.

    * Coincidence…Will Farrell’s character in Blades of Glory is named Chazz Michael Michaels.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I didn’t even think about Chazz Michael Michaels. That’s hilarious.

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