Norm ‘Chow Time’ Shirts Popular with Hawaii Fans

How excited are Hawaii fans to have a local guy as head coach of their football team? One Honolulu store specially made some “Chow Time” shirts and they’ve been selling like crazy. Local store Butigroove ordered six boxes of the shirts mid-week and they began going quickly. Even the $25 price tag didn’t deter buyers.

Chow has been an offensive coordinator since 1996 but has never held a head coaching position. He’s 65 years old, so he probably figured it was finally time to see how he could do as the man in charge. Now he’s getting his opportunity. He may be on the old side, but he’s giving Warriors fans a reason to be excited about the program. If he can do anywhere near what June Jones did for the school, he’ll be fine. I don’t think he can match that level of success.

H/T Sports by Brooks Live

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  • Gene

    Rainbow Warriors have historically been tough at home, with coaches like June Jones.  It should be more of the same under Chow, assuming he will keep enough home grown studs on the Islands.

  • KamaainaUH

    We’re burning those “Chow Time” T-Shirts now. What a mistake hire that was.