Notre Dame, Michigan, and Referees Wear Throwback Jerseys for Night Game

Michigan hosted a night game for the first time in its school’s football history Saturday when they took on Notre Dame. Both teams wore throwback jerseys to celebrate the occasion, but they weren’t the only ones wearing old school duds. The referees had their pants up and their stirrups high, not to mention mail boy-style caps. Peep the steeze:


Here are a few more looks at the throwback uniforms being worn by all parties:

Fans don’t need throwback jerseys to get interested whenever Notre Dame and Michigan play, but the old school unis were a nice touch. Especially for the referees. That’s about the only way I’ll compliment them.

Plenty more pictures available at the Adidas Facebook page

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  • Gene

    Notre Dame hired Brian Kelly, who was a great offensive coach but did not show much knowledge about defense when at  U of C.  It showed in the fourth quarter of a game that ND appeared to have in the bag but failed to hold the lead in the final 30 seconds.

    UM is the only school which has played Notre Dame numerous times and holds a lifetime edge over the Irish. I believe it is now 23-15.