Ohio State to Wear Pro Combat Uniforms Against Wisconsin (Pictures)

For those of you who have been following Nike’s Pro Combat uniforms across college football this season and last, Ohio State is up next. According to the USA Today, the Buckeyes will unveil their Pro Combat uniforms against Wisconsin this weekend to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of its 1961 undefeated team.  The 1961 team finished 8-0-1 but was not allowed to participate in the Rose Bowl after it was determined that the school had too great a focus on athletics.  In other words if the same rules applied today, there probably would be no BCS bowl games come winter time.  Here are the unis Ohio State will be wearing this weekend:

While we aren’t huge fans of the Pro Combat uniforms in general, these are much more tolerable than the ones Miami wore last season.  However, we would still gladly take the Oregon cheerleaders’ Pro Combat outfits over any other design Nike has come up with.  What? We like the color scheme better.

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  • Gene

    The Faculty voted to keep Ohio State out of the Rose Bowl.  In the early 1960’s. there was no pact between the Rose Bowl and the Big Ten.  The  Pacific Coast Conference broke up after problems with paying football players (some things never change).  The four California schools and Washington formed the AAWU, and the winner of that group went to the Rose Bowl as the West Coast representative.  Ohio State won the Big Ten, and did not come because of the aforementioned faculty vote.  Instead, Minnesota, with an 8-1 record (they did not play the Buckeyes), came out here and whipped UCLA something like 21-3.

    By the way, those Nike uniforms suck.