Texas Tech Coaches and Players: Adam James Is a Lazy, Entitled, Jerk

It’s hard to know what to make of the current investigation and situation surrounding Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Leach is being investigated by the school for his alleged treatment of receiver Adam James after doctors said James couldn’t practice because of a concussion. James’ father is a high-profile analyst and former player with a lot of clout who has a platform as a broadcaster for ESPN. Texas Tech is on the hook for millions of dollars to Leach, including an $800,000 bonus if Leach is still the team’s coach by Thursday. People are suggesting that Texas Tech is trying to get rid of Leach because of the money they owe him and that they’re using the James case as a reason for justifiable cause. James appears to be using the current climate of sensitivity amongst football players who have concussions to garner anti-Leach sentiment. While there was initially widespread outrage towards Leach for his alleged mistreatment of James, new information paints the situation in an entirely different light.

Several letters and emails from CBS Sports from current or former Texas Tech coaches and players describe Texas Tech receiver Adam James as an entitled, lazy, and selfish player who was unqualified to play Division-I football. One email even called James a jerk. Reading all these emails allows one to see another side of the story, one that displays the incident as something other than the gross mistreatment of a concussed player by a coach. After seeing the other side of the story, I believe this an example of a spoiled child hiding behind his powerful parents to get back at a coach who was hard on the kid and made him earn his playing time. What makes matters worse is that James’ parents are drumming up this negative sentiment against Leach on ESPN without describing all of his son’s shortcomings. Was it right of Leach to place James in those isolated rooms during practice? No. Did James need to be disciplined for a poor work ethic and attitude? From the sounds of it, absolutely.

Mike Leach is nowhere near the bad guy he’s being made out to be by the James family. It’s a shame that people are jumping all over the guy without looking at all sides of the story. Furthermore, why is Texas Tech so motivated to get rid of the guy? Did they reach by overspending to keep him? That’s their mistake, not Leach’s. Anyway, check out this Lubbock news report for more insight on the story at hand and then let me know what you think.

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  • Gene

    Now that Leach has been fired, on Wednesday, of course, it appears you were right on target when you said that money was the driving force behind the firing.

    This appears to be a rush to judgment and the timing of the firing, relative to the $800,00 due Leach on Thursday is really suspicious. I would have guessed that if the University were truly unbiased, it would have taken them weeks to sift through all of the relevant information and to interview all people with knowledge of any part of the situation.

  • JS

    As has become their thing, ESPN is again making the news and not reporting the news.

    As Gene says, it would take time to carry on a complete investigation. Look at how much time it’s taken the Reggie Bush so-called investigation. On second thought, maybe Pete Carroll should have locked Reggie’s step-dad in the equipment room for three years.

  • http://FoxNew.comMSN TT

    Unfortunate that ESPN once again has decided not to take the high road and injected themselves into the news. The current firing of Leach for exagerated miss treatment is rediculous. This attempt to save the university the money owed to their coach…in the end could cost them much more. If there was actual wrong doing the coach should be reprimaned or fired. From what I have seen and read this kid (James) is a whinner a had a different agenda…apple doesn’t fall far sysdrome…learned behavior from parents. Can’t get your way…end justifies the means. One problem, educated individuals fired Leach…don’t have to smart to make it through College…Texas Tech anyway! GO Badgers!

  • craig

    The kid and his dad are wimps, but why did the coach make him stand for three hours?

  • Betty

    Like ESPN soooo much misinformation going around. It was not 3 hours and there were chairs, ice, water, and a television in the room which was used for interviews with the media. I live in Lubbock and my brother has been in that room!!