Video: Deshon Marman’s Sagging Pants Discussion on Airplane

University of New Mexico defensive back Deshon Marman was arrested this week for allegedly refusing to pull up his sagging pants on an airplane. Marman was returning to New Mexico from San Francisco after attending the funeral of a friend when the incident occurred. He was charged with suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. The question is, was he in the wrong?

The San Francisco Chronicle obtained a video of the incident captured by a nearby passenger. Though it doesn’t show the part where Marman was initially asked to pick up his pants, it shows the aftermath. Here is video of Deshon Marman’s discussion with the flight crew:

The passenger who shot the video described Marman’s sagging pants, saying “When I first saw him coming down the aisle, I was like, ‘Come on man, really?’ But after he sat down, you couldn’t see anything.”

Though the video makes Marman seem like he did nothing wrong, it doesn’t tell the entire story.

From The Associated Press:

What the video does not show is Marman’s repeated refusal earlier to follow a boarding agent’s advice and pull up his pants, Elise Eberwein, a spokeswoman for US Airways, told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Marman’s pants were so low they were “exposing areas that most people would not want to see” and violating the airline’s expectation that customers won’t dress offensively, Eberwein said.

Police also say Marman injured an officer while being taken into custody. San Mateo County prosecutors have not decided if they’re going to press charges against Marman.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OKY4BMQJH2RDPFRMW7BN264464 mike c

    cover your ass when you’re in public…we will  continue to complain to authorities. wth?

  • Anonymous

    Is this loser that lazy that he has to get on the plane in his pajama bottoms?How does this clown get to football practise in time or as far as that goes ,how does he get to class?Or does he even go to class,or maybe they have somebody do his homework and take his tests?What kind of classes does he take,social studies,home-ed,cooking,sanitation,cleaning erasers,or washing the teachers car?If his mom thinks her baby needs to dress that way,there is something missing in that family.That is one reason we need the draft back,to put these losers in the Army so they can learn some manners.

  • Anonymous

    frankly we have the right to wear the style of clothing we choose low rider jeans exposes areas that maybe offensive to some people women jogging in sports bras and tiny shorts may also be offensive and who cares if he goes to class at all or plays football and as an adult his parents have nothing to do  with what he wears whats next we get to choose what type of hair style is acceptable? or where he can sit on the plane?
    remember dont ask dont tell, segregation was legal,rock and roll was evil, and rap was just a fad. loosin up. once he sat down the issue was over I dont have to agree with it but its still OK

  • Anonymous

    Wear what you want dispite any kind of public decency.
    But when you fly or decide to go into a public business, they should have the right to refuse service to you.
    No shirt, no shoes, no service should also include if you don’t like our dress code, then get the f**k out and go somewhere else.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ2YWVVCGQBJ7E5ZX3CEV5T56E kevin

    Everyone is entitled to wear what they want and hes no different then other passengers who wear skinny jeans and sag.  I’ve seen much worse traveling and how does this turned into such a big issue when women wear less and others quietly applaud that attire?Choose your battles carefully but dont pass judgement on appearance because the brightest individuals that are articulate, knowledgeable and successful sometimes dress the way they want because they’re comfortable that way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shawn-Stanley-Brown/1124996035 Shawn Stanley Brown

    Just wanted to say something here. From this video, if you have concluded that the young man is guilty, then you’re a total idiot. This video shows nothing more than a young man being harassed in his assigned seat. Why post this video? This shows nothing and all that made comments about how guilty he is, is just plain dummies. Is this to be taken serious? The young man is sitting down, so who is seeing a sag? If you post something, make sure it proves your point. Stop being so damn judgmental. I bet whenever he gets on the field, you are all on his jock talking about how good he plays. I think these young men should all be going to HBCU’s and stay out of these so called big schools. Get a life you posting suckers!!! 


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CA4FTXPFEFLUA3DCY4YRYTVZKE James

    Wait till he trys to get a job.  Then tell me you can wear what you want where you want.

  • Anonymous

    The “saggy pants”  this used to be a Fashion Statement but  now it’s viewed by most as an act of defiance. A person wearing a speedo would never be allowed to boart a plane because it’s just  not acceptable, but it would be perfectly accepatable at some beaches. If he wants to wear his pants down to his knees where that fasion is accepted, have at it. But for him to do where it was not acceptable was just asking for trouble. All he had to do was pick them up when they first asked him to. He was asking for trouble.