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Friday, April 20, 2018

Vanessa Colbert Says Travis Henry’s Fathered Two More Illegitimate Children

You might be asking yourself why this story sounds so familiar. The answer is pretty simple: at last check, former Titans and Broncos running back Travis Henry had nine kids by nine different women. If you thought that was impressive then hold onto your mouse and keyboard for something even better than that:

Vanessa Colbert recently became the second woman in Orange County to try to collect child support from Henry. She says the former athlete fathered her twins, who are now 18 months old.

Henry, who recently pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge, isn’t current with any of his child-support payments, which are estimated to total $15,000 a month.

Did Colbert do any of her research before engaging in intercourse? If so, she may have realized that Henry had dropped down the Broncos’ depth chart and she might have passed on the sex. I mean the least you could is punch him up in google news to see if he’s worth banging, right? You would think that’s the least a diligent groupie could do.

(via Deadspin)

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