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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Johnnie Morton Got Knocked the **** Out

I’m going to go ahead and give my description of things before I show you the video, because before long, it’ll be pulled down due to copyright infringement. Let me start out with the following. It was a tiny ass ring set up in a gigantic 100,000 person stadium. Translation — place was packed like a Georgetown football game. And despite having the backing of his native Southern California and USC fans, former Detroit Lions wide receiver and Trojans All-American Johnnie Morton got his shit HANDED to him in his professional MMA debut. No joke. Literally. It was over so fast you would’ve thought Morton were fighting Mike Tyson.

Here’s how it went: Morton came out charging, throwing lefts and rights like he was working his trainer in practice. Only problem, Bernard Ackah fought back. Morton, clearly over-matched, then tried to shoot on his opponent and go for the take-down. It was at that point that Ackah caught Morton with a solid Muay Thai knee to the dome that sent Morton standing back up. Then, with the two men facing each other, Ackah delivered a knock out punch that HAS to go on the Best of MMA Knockouts video, Volume 1.

You know that stunt from the movies where a dude walks into a clothesline and gets flattened like a pancake? That was Morton. He was dropped in an instant. Kind of like a quarterback getting blindsided by LT — crumble like a cracker time. And unfortunately, as foxsports.com reports, Morton was carried out from his unsuccessful debut on a stretcher, wearing a neckbrace. It was over in 38 seconds. And now you can experience the magic yourself:

Chest bump to Deuce of Davenport for the video hookup, via the almighty Ballhype.

And I truly hope Morton wasn’t seriously injured, and I hope he learned and taught many other amateurs a good lesson.

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