Jose Canseco wants to fight Warren Sapp

Jose Canseco, last seen being dropped from the Mexican League over a testosterone issue, is targeting ex-NFL player Warren Sapp for his next celebrity fight.

Canseco apparently heard about the whole Jeremy Shockey-Warren Sapp spat and gave Shockey one of his infamous Twitter hugs late Saturday night. He then followed that by asking on Twitter “Does Warren Sapp MMA?”

Sapp responded on Sunday, leading to a proposal from Canseco:

So Canseco is now eyeing Sapp as a tuneup for his proposed fight with Shaq. I’d offer some commentary, but let’s be fair here, who doesn’t Jose Canseco want to fight as long as it means decent money and extra publicity?

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  • Anonymous

    I’d actually root for jose to shut his fat cocaine stuffed mouth

  • Anonymous

    Sapp will never do it he’s got too much to lose. If he did take on Jose I’d be pulling for Jose big time hoping he’d knock Sapps teeth out, if you ask me Sapp is a bigger snitch than anyone!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DRPFMT7TOOCLK2NDOSOT3IV6KE Scott

    Either fight would probably get ugly for Canseco Sapp is an avid woman beater so he is in tune already and would b!tch slap Jose

  • Anonymous

    Jose should kick his ass.