Chris Johnson goes off on his disappointed fantasy owners

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson went off on his disappointed fantasy football owners, turning the tables on them and blaming them for drafting him and starting him in their lineups.

Johnson made his comments on Twitter Sunday night after rushing for just 21 yards on 15 carries in the Tennessee Titans’ 38-13 win over the New York Jets.

“Public service announcement: I can care less about fantasy football. Key word fantasy. As long as we win I’m happy. I rush for 200 n lose y’all happy,” Johnson wrote.

“U r the head coach n the owner of ur fantasy team so u should be mad at urself I didn’t ask any of u to draft me so if I’m so sorry y start me,” Johnson said in another tweet.

Ignoring his shorthand Twitter game, he makes a good point. If you’re a fantasy football owner, it’s your fault for drafting him. I didn’t think he would do anything this year, and that’s been the case. CJ went from 2K to barely CJ1K. If you took him in your draft and continue to start him, that’s on you.

The trend of seeing football players respond to fantasy owners via Twitter has been popular this year. We saw Ray Rice lash out at them earlier this season, and now Johnson has. Last year DeAngelo Williams did it after taking a lot of nastiness.

Who can really blame Johnson for his reaction? Some fans were supportive of him after the game, but others crushed him with hateful tweets. Let’s take a look at some of them. Be warned that the language is offensive in many of them.

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  • Zack Phillips

    This is one time where CJ is absolutely correct. He’s not gonna get 2000 yards again or even come close for that matter. The runs on his tiptoes and has no clue about how to make a solid cutback. The Titans told him last year that because he was so horrible for them and the fact that he got his big money from them, he better run well this season or he’s gone at the end. Munchak brought in another running back because they have no faith in Johnson. People would know this if they simply paid attention.

  • Bii

    Just admit it, you suck and to think you’re going to change anytime soon is a joke. The fantasy is you as a 100 yard rusher in any week freakin thug bitch.

  • thomasrko9910

    Lol the truth is this I got him in my league but you have to stick with him. Now with jake locker out Chris Johnson will get more touches. He doesn’t have to care of running 200 yards and I don’t expect him to do great every week. I just know what he can do and he will do. I know for a fact he wants to get in the end zone he is talking bullshit. I won’t text him to cursed him out for it.

  • Jeff Dougherty

    Wow. You just proved his point for him, imbecile.