Aaron Hernandez’s mother was stabbed by his stepfather after Patriots drafted him

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez has a very troubled past that many people consider to be disturbing. We may not know the half of it.

What we already know is that Hernandez’s father died when he suffered a fatal infection following a routine hernia surgery when Aaron was 16 years old. His mother, Terri Hernandez, told USA Today Sports in 2009 that Hernandez was “very angry” after losing his father and would “rebel” against her. She said that by 2009 he had become “my Aaron again,” but another traumatic event that took place the following year may have caused some of that anger to return.

In June of 2010 — less than a month after Hernandez signed his first contract with the New England Patriots — Terri Hernandez was stabbed by Jeffrey Cummings, the man she married three years after the death of Hernandez’s father. According to The Daily Beast, Bristol police responded to a 911 call to find Hernandez’s mother bleeding and trembling.

Cummings, who was an ex-con with a criminal record that included assault on a police officer and 19 failed drugs tests for marijuana and cocaine between September 2009 and June 2010, allegedly assaulted and slashed Terri during a verbal argument. Hernandez’s mother said the altercation became physical when Cummings shoved her to the ground and she scraped her knee.

“Terri stated that she got up and asked him, ‘What did I do? Why did you do that?’” a police report obtained by The Daily Beast read. “She stated she was surprised. She walked into the living room and sat on the chair crying because she was upset.”

Terri Hernandez said she then walked into the kitchen when Cummings approached her with a large kitchen knife and put it to her throat. The report stated that she was “scared for her life” and that Cummings then began stabbing a stand-up fan with the knife. He then approached her with the 8-inch blade.

“He came back over to Terri with the knife and started to jab the knife into the chair she was sitting on,” the officer’s report stated. “Terri told me that at that time she started to bleed from her face. While he was hitting objects with the knife, he was saying something to the effect of ‘I don’t care if I go back to prison.”

Terri had fled to a neighbor’s house where police found her with a 3 1/2-inch wound on her face and wounds on her left wrist and right shoulder. Cummings was convicted of assault and sentenced to two years in prison on October 15, 2010. Terri divorced him in December 2010 while he was being held in a correctional facility.

Any anger Hernandez had learned to cope with after losing his father may have returned after his mother was attacked by his stepfather. Police reportedly believe Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd over trust issues, which is a motive that would make even more sense after learning that his mother was slashed by her husband. Hernandez losing his father and hanging out with the wrong crowd clearly only scratches the surface of the drama that has gone on in his life outside of football.

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  • bobby womack

    shouldnt u do a background check on someone before u marry them

  • Curtis Troy

    Nobody’s to blame but Aaron Hernandez. He’s not the only person who’s been through tough times, lost a parent, etc. Don’t make excuses for him. He’s pathetic.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rivalstan Stanley Rival

    thats like one of those personal decision. you obviously see value in background checks before marriage.

  • bobby womack

    anybody with half a brain should do a background check it lets u know if ur dating a thief or a pedofile or a stalker like u

  • http://www.twitter.com/rivalstan Stanley Rival

    does it. i dont think a background check would always tell you that. but i mean hey, you are entitled to your own opinion. later bobby.

  • Anthony13

    I lost my father at about the same age as Hernandez. I was shot at a couple of years later by a psychotic man. I DIDN’T get a full scholly to a prestigious university, instead paying my way through by working. Somehow, I was able to avoid becoming a thug. I’m getting sick of hearing about the sob stories of people who choose to make bad decisions. He made his bed – time for him to sleep in it. If it turns out he didn’t do this murder, he’ll have learned a tough lesson – your choice of ‘friends’ goes a long way to how you are perceived. He will need to make better decisions from here on. But, frankly, I don’t believe he’s not guilty. His decisions will probably be made for him for the rest of his life -when to get up, what to eat, how to pass the time, etc. What a waste…

  • Hugh Railey

    Poor Aaron the cold-blooded ex-millionaire murderer.

  • hookedonnews

    There are plenty of people who have grown up in bad homes under worse circumstances than these and didn’t turn into murderers. At some point you have to take responsibility for who you are and what you do. This guy had it all and chose to do what he did. At least one person is dead and maybe more. Where’s the sympathy for the victims?

  • captaindandan

    Personally, I believe GEORGE ZIMMEREMAN shot that guy and planted the gun at Hernandezs’s apartment.

  • http://www.AAASportsMemorabilia.com/ AAASportsMemorabilia

    Everyone has a back story of some type and a lot of people have had really bad experiences – but people with integrity always find a way to overcome these experiences. Hernandez is a thug and needs to take responsibility for his actions and will hopefully get life in prison.