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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Aaron Hernandez reportedly being investigated for secretly passing notes to other inmates

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez is reportedly being investigated for something we have probably all gotten in trouble for doing in grade school — passing notes. According to TMZ, officials at the Bristol County House of Corrections are trying to determine if Hernandez has been passing secret messages to other inmates, which is not allowed.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that one of Hernandez’s fellow inmates was caught trying to steal Aaron’s jail ID badge. Jail officials say an inmate would receive no in-house advantage by using another inmates badge, so there was speculation that the person who stole it may have been looking to somehow sell it for a profit. As it turns out, the guy who stole the ID badge is reportedly the person Hernandez was sending messages to.

Hernandez apparently gave a copy of a book called “Bad Boy Brawly Brown” to the inmate who stole his badge and wrote a note inside of it. The handwriting, TMZ says, matched the penmanship of the previous letter Hernandez wrote from jail. Was Hernandez angry at the guy for stealing from him? Not exactly.

“I heard you are the one that tried to steal my ID!” Hernandez reportedly wrote. “That’s crazy LOL!”

He then went into more of the same narrative about how he is innocent and can’t wait to have his day in court and play football again soon. There could supposedly be “severe consequences” if it is determined that Hernandez was passing secret notes to inmates. Maybe they’ll keep him after school or make him write “I will note pass notes in jail” on the chalk board.

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