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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Alfred Morris once got attacked by a raccoon and it stole his sandal


I would never have known this before today, but apparently Florida Atlantic University has a major raccoon problem. Students who attended FAU are likely to have had a run-in with a raccoon at some point during their college career, and Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris is no exception.

During a recent chat with fans on Reddit, someone asked Morris if he had ever had any raccoon encounters during his days at FAU. The rookie said that he had and hat one had once stolen his shoe, and Sarah Kogod of D.C. Sports Bog later caught up with him for an elaboration.

“You go to FAU, you know about the raccoons,” Morris explained. “We just came back from McDonald’s or something. During the summer it’s hard times and they had 49-cent cheeseburgers on Sundays. Anyway, we pulled up and saw a raccoon, and it was daylight so I was like, that thing is rabid.

“All of a sudden I looked down and it was charging at me. So I jumped, and when I jumped one of my sandals fell off. He went running past me, stopped and grabbed my sandal. I yelled, ‘He got my sandal!’ and went chasing after him.”

Morris said the raccoon tried to run under a car with the sandal but that it got caught on the bumper so the critter had to drop it. Morris then grabbed the sandal, thinking he was safe, before the raccoon started chasing him again.

Where was Bentley when all of this was going down? She would have led Morris to safety.

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