Alge Crumpler Rips on Falcons, Petrino

Really, I don’t care much about the Falcons. But they are a disaster, and as one of the train wrecks in the NFL, it’s kinda fun to see the collision happen before our eyes. This week, Alge Crumpler, who’s been a good tight end his entire career (even with Vick throwing to him!), went off on the Falcons and Petrino since being phased out of the offense:

When we cross the 50, we’re the worst offense in the National Football League.

We’re trying to trust them. They keep telling us, ‘Trust us, trust us.’ We’ve been trying to trust them the whole time.”

It’s weird. This is a young guys’ game we’re playing now. It’s been taken out of our hands. It’s just been taken out of the veterans’ hands. When we get into situations, we’re not being given opportunities.

Newly signed fullback Ovie Mughelli has called the situation a “bad dream.” Joey Harrington is back to his Detroit Lions form, and Byron Leftwich was splitting the uprights on Sunday — and he’s not a kicker. Meanwhile, Louisville’s defense couldn’t stop the Powder Puff girls, and Petrino walked out on a 10-year deal he had just signed with the university. Payback’s a bitch Petrino, it’s all karma. I hope your team goes 1-15.

(via FanHouse, AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Any time fullbacks and tight ends are airing out the offensive scheme, you know you’ve got a serious problem.

  • SpinMax

    I can’t believe that Joey Harrington is part of the problem. No way.

  • Gene

    Petrino is getting what he deserves. Anyone who has the chutzpah to sign a ten year deal and recruit based upon that, and then leave before he even coached one game under that deal should be widely criticized for misleading everyone (recruits, the media, the fans, etc.).

    I am no big fan of Nick Saban, but his acts were far less treacherous than Petrino’s, and he got all of the flak from the press.

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK