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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Antonio Cromartie now praising Tim Tebow

Antonio Cromartie was vehemently against the Jets acquiring Tim Tebow, tweeting twice that the team didn’t need the quarterback since they already had two. In one of his tweets, Cromartie suggested Tebow was just a gimmick quarterback who was there to sell tickets. That was all said before the Jets traded for Tebow. Now that the religious quarterback is on the Jets, Cromartie has done a 180.

“He’s going to bring another element to the Jets,” Cromartie told the New York Daily News. “He’s a winner. He’s a guy that never quits. If you give him a chance to win a game, he’s going to go out and win it. I think that’s what (general manager) Mike Tannenbaum and Rex (Ryan) saw in him.”

Cromartie thinks Tebow will be good for the Jets’ locker room and that he should help push Mark Sanchez. He also didn’t back down from his anti-Tebow tweets.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Cromartie told the Daily News. “I think a lot of people took what I said the wrong way. People took it as me dissing Tebow. I never dissed Tebow. I just said we don’t need him on our team because Mark is our quarterback. I would never degrade an NFL player because he’s in the NFL for a reason. Tebow’s proven over the past couple years why he’s in the NFL. I would never take a shot at any NFL player. He’s been a winner all his life. He’s pulled his teams out of predicaments. I’m not the kind of person that would degrade or belittle someone in the NFL.”

Sorry Einstein, but calling Tebow a gimmick QB who’s just a ticket draw is knocking his ability. We know Tebow will take the high road on the matter, but at least Cromartie is trying to improve relations.

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