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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bart Scott humorously declares a ‘media mutiny,’ actually plans a ‘boycott’

Bart Scott was a man full of humorous contradictions after the Jets’ impressive 48-28 thumping over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

The linebacker known for his passionate interviews and catchy quotes laid into the media for clowning the Jets before the season began.

Scott was planning to punish the media with a boycott, but he mistakenly called it a “mutiny.”

“I’ve got a media mutiny,” Scott said when approached by USA TODAY Sports’s Jim Corbett after the game.

Scott was then asked if he meant a boycott.

“Yeah, a boycott.”

He then went off on the media while explaining his mutiny.

“You guys treat us like we’re a (bleeping) joke,” Scott said, per Corbett. “You all want us to feed your papers, but then you all talk (bleep) about us. So why would I want to give you all quotes to sell papers with if you all treat us like (bleep)? That doesn’t make sense.

“You all talk stuff about us, and then when we win you flip the story. You all win either way.”

Yes Scott, we indeed are the winners.

Let’s get this straight here: first Scott declares a mutiny when he means a boycott, then he promises to keep quiet and not give the media quotes. But then he gives us some true gems in the process. If this is what he means by a media boycott, then I support it. We all know with that group of talkers the Jets have they’ll never stay quiet. And we love them for it.

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