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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bill Belichick reportedly ‘hates’ Tim Tebow as a player

tim-tebow-jetsTim Tebow is still in search of an NFL job, and many have speculated that the New England Patriots would be a logical destination if he is willing to give up on playing quarterback. Bill Belichick is known for getting the most out of players and showcasing their versatility, so some have wondered if the Patriots could use Tebow as an H-back or tight end.

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, that is not going to happen. Citing “organizational sources,” Silver reported on Wednesday that Belichick actually “hates” Tebow as a player and does not feel he could find a use for him. And Tebow is certainly not going to be replacing Tom Brady in certain situations during a game.

“No chance,” a source reportedly told Silver. “Plus they wouldn’t like the circus that comes with it.”

Tebow’s following may have been a positive at one point, but it is now a negative for many teams. It’s not necessarily his fault that fans put up billboards in his honor and consider him to be Jesus himself, but most teams are not willing to deal with those types of shenanigans for a role player.

Josh McDaniels may have fueled the Broncos’ decision to draft Tebow during his short tenure as the head coach in Denver, but Belichick hates distractions. The Jets insist Tebow was not a distraction for the team last season, but we all know what a heaping pile of bull that is. It’s hard to see how the Patriots would benefit from bringing Tebow on board. The fact that Belichick reportedly “hates” him as a player should put the speculation to rest.

H/T Pro Football Talk

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