Browns Say Patriots Were Shady

If you remember not too long ago, I presented a story from the Lions and Bengals who both complained that their coach-to-quarterback headsets went out when the were playing the Patriots in Foxboro. Now you can add the Browns to the list:

In the wake of the Spygate scandal involving New England coach Bill Belichick, there were accusations the Patriots may have manipulated radio frequencies during games in their stadium, ostensibly to disrupt the coach-to-quarterback radio communication for visiting teams.

Well, it happened to the Browns during their game on Oct. 7 in Foxboro, Mass.

A team source said Browns coaches lost communication with Anderson eight to 10 times.

None of the breakdowns occurred prior to any of Anderson’s three interceptions in the game.

Headset malfunctions or not, the Browns still weren’t likely to compete with the Patriots. Still, this is the latest charge against New England and it doesn’t make them look any better. Here’s a thought: Why not just win controversy free? Do they really need to keep messing with headsets? Can’t they just win straight up, considering they are one of the best teams ever? Complaint by complaint, their legacy is being tarnished, and that’s a damn shame.
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  • SpinMax

    Don’t crown their ass just yet. This kinda talk comes up all the time and quite often the unbeatable forces loses. Ask the 13-0 colts, or 15-1 vikes, or the Packers vs. Elway, etc..

  • Chad

    Cleveland could’ve been tuned into the frequencies of the Patriots staff and still would’ve lost.

  • Gene

    Since the alleged transgressions weren’t even on plays that resulted in interceptions, why mention them? Obviously, Belichick was guilty of Spygate. However, for all of those teams that have been beaten by the Pats to try and deflect attention from their own inept performances is ridiculous.
    For instance, Eric Mangini’s Jets haven’t performed up to preseason predictions. The blame there lies with Mangini, not Belichick.

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