Chad Ochocinco Doesn’t Think He Will Ever Play in a Super Bowl

It would be silly to think Chad Ochocinco has no quality years left in him. He may have slipped a bit in 2010, but at age 33 there’s no reason to believe Ocho can’t still be productive for a few more seasons.  After all, the Batman to his Robin had a great year and T.O. is 37.

Chad has one year left on his deal with the Bengals, but it looks as though his head coach has already given up on him.  There will be plenty of teams vying for his services either this off-season or next, but apparently Ocho isn’t expecting any of them to be Super Bowl contenders.  Check it out:

Granted, we know that’s just a Tweet from a competitor who is probably a little bummed out, but to rule out a trip to the Super Bowl at age 33 with an expiring contract seems a bit dramatic to say the least.  I guess with the transition back to Johnson comes a more pessimistic No. 85.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    32 teams in the league, only two make it each year. Not a surprise if he never makes it. I’m not so sure he’ll have that many suitors in a potential trade though. Don’t think too many teams would want to deal with him.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying I think he’s going to play in a Super Bowl. I’m just saying I think it’s pathetic that at age 33 he’s ruled himself out. The odds are against him, but you usually don’t hear a player saying that. Then again, you usually don’t hear a player saying anything he says.