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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Channing Crowder: Mel Kiper Mock Draft Made Me Blow My Money

The idea that college football players spend money before they have it assuming they will soon be rich is extremely well known.  Said athletes actually admitting that they blow money before even getting it is a bit more rare.  Thankfully, we have idiots like Channing Crowder who flap their gums and tell us all about their complete lack of judgment displayed before reaching the NFL.

Pro Football Talk passed along a tremendous little blurb from Sports Radio Interviews on Tuesday, in which Crowder blasts Mel Kiper Jr. for misfiring with his prediction of where the linebacker would be drafted.

“Yeah I watch (the hype leading up to the draft) and all,” Crowder explained. “Mel Kiper and all, he messed me over, he lied to me said I was top-20 had me go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff. So I don’t know the guys; they’re guessing just like we guess; I can guess who the Dolphins are going to take too. But I look at it a little bit and hear the experts I guess they call them to hear what they got to say.”

Could he possibly have said anything dumber?  Draft “gurus” don’t have to be right.  They swing and miss all the time — Kiper more so than others sometimes.  Players watch their names slide down the draft board year in and year out, which should be enough in itself to make you hold onto your money until something actually happens.

The first-round prediction Crowder is referring to came in January, and Kiper even changed his mind over the next three months as PFT pointed out.  Considering the only notable things Crowder has done in his NFL career are fight with Matt Light and get spit on by Le’Ron McClain, we can see why his stock fell.  This is yet another example of a young athlete who over-leveraged himself because of the hype, only this particular clown still doesn’t seem to get it.

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