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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Chris Kluwe Will Give Donovan McNabb No. 5 Jersey if he Promotes His Band

Anytime a veteran leader joins a new team, there is the question of whether or not that player will be able to keep his old number.  More often than not, the new guy gets his way.  That is especially the case when the new guy can help you win.  Although we believe the Vikings are doing themselves no favors in the short term by bringing in Donovan McNabb, one could argue that he makes them a better team this season.  The question is will McNabb be able to keep the same jersey number he’s had his entire career?

According to Shutdown Corner, he’ll have to work for it.  Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who you may know from his rant about Drew Brees and Peyton Manning or the whiteboard drawing he made calling out Roger Goodell, currently wears No. 5.  Kluwe is apparently willing to give McNabb the number if he gives him something in return.

“So here’s the deal,” Kluwe tweeted. “If McNabb comes and wants 5, it’s his, BUT he has to promise to mention Tripping Icarus in at least 5 press conferences.”

Tripping Icarus is the band Kluwe is in.  Personally, I think this is brilliant.  If someone wants to take your number they should have to work for it.  Not to mention, this gives us something to look forward to all season as McNabb will have to find creative ways to work Tripping Icarus into his press conferences.  Hopefully Minnesota wins more than five games, because I can’t see McNabb mentioning Kluwe’s band after a loss.  This should be entertaining.

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