DeSean Jackson throws up Crips gang sign at DeAngelo Hall

DeSean Jackson Crips DeAngelo Hall

DeSean Jackson put up a monster first half against the Washington Redskins on “Monday Night Football,” and he represented his hometown crew quite well in the game. In fact, Jackson was seen throwing up a Crips gang sign on Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall after catching a pass in the second quarter.

Jackson caught a 14-yard pass on 3rd and 8 midway through the second, and Hall was penalized 15 yards for making a horse collar tackle. After getting up, Jackson went right back at Hall and pushed him. The two continued to jaw as they lined up for the next play, which is when Jackson dropped the set on Hall.

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Jackson is from Los Angeles and has been repping Crips as long as he’s been in the league. His record label is called Jaccpot, and it’s not misspelled because he’s a dummy; the Cs are for Crips. Jackson also went to Long Beach Poly for high school, which is the same school where Snoop Dogg, another Crips member, attended. In fact, Jackson recently released a song called “Diamonds on my neck” featuring Snoop Dogg. DeSean was seen throwing up the Cs in that music video:

DeSean Jackson crips

DeSean Jackson crips Snoop

So no, Jackson throwing up the hand sign wasn’t an accident. Jackson proudly represents Crips and threw up the sign on national TV. And as our friend Jersey Chaser said, most pro athletes have been Bloods lately (like this guy), so Jackson is switching it up.

Some people are questioning whether Jackson was really throwing his set. Our friend Jersey Chaser speculated that Jackson could be representing the Rolling 60s Neighborhood Crips in LA. In this picture of the Rolling 60s, Jackson is doing the same sign as the guy in the middle:

Rolling 60s

Any coincidence that Jackson wrote on Instagram after the game “#10mode 1-0 to start .. Keep Rollin ..”? I don’t think “keep rollin” was a coincidence.

Below is video of the play in question. You can see Jackson throw up the sign at around the 1:27 mark:

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Image via Twitter/that_dude9

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  • MoreInformed

    You are an idiot. not even close. Go back to the suburbs.

  • MoreInformed

    Santana moss threw some bloods signs. I think they are going to fight. Good thing you took that Lambda Chi course in bro signs. You can call it before it happens.

  • KloverJane

    No surprise. It’s hard ditching your friends. Thug or not. He better figure his path quick.

  • darius sutton

    Grown men who can’t leave their loser “homies” behind. Punks and clowns.

  • Belize

    idiotas. that aint even the right sign

  • Rashad Johnson

    Hope it was worth it .

  • ItsMeSnitches

    The reason his label has two c’s is because the internet domain name “jackpot” is taken

  • N.T.S.

    The 2 c’s are not for crips or domain names…..the letters CK in a row is a huge no no if you’re a crip, because that stands for crip killer. Which is what you write, yell, spraypaint…etc. If you were a blood. Gangs change the spellings of all types of words to avoid these letters in a row, (BK for “blood killer” ). So the fact he has that tattooed across his back is pretty much solidarity for being in or representing a crip gang.

  • Christopher Samuels

    So that’s whose buying Mariners gear…..

  • Gungistoker

    Nice try.

  • Mr. 54 Van Ness

    NKap K err day all day. 40K50K60K90K100K

  • razzzmajazzz

    So he’d be in a ton of trouble for wearing anything Calvin Klein?

  • ItsMeSnitches

    Its the truth..easily accessible information..we all know why this is such a big deal..just ask Terrance Knighton

  • ItsMeSnitches

    All that is common knowledge..but just because you have something that could be gang related tattooed on you doesn’t mean it is and the fact that jaccpot has two c’s is because the internet domain for jackpot is taken..dont believe everything you see on the internet..desean Jackson wanted a bigger contract..the eagles didn’t want to pay him and now they’ve basically started a smear campaign against him because they didn’t come out and say that his release had nothing to do with that bs article..anybody in their right mind knows this is a financial situation not a “character” issue..if so riley “redneck” cooper would’ve been cut a while ago