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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dez Bryant Respects 90s Cowboys Teams But Wants to Make ‘A Path of Our Own’

As is the case with any great franchise, people have a tendency to compare the Cowboys of now to the Cowboys of old.  During the Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin years, Dallas dominated the NFL.  These days, the pride and joy of Jerry Jones is fighting for its playoff life.  After hearing comparisons between this year’s team and the Cowboys teams of the 90s following Sunday’s win over St. Louis, Dez Bryant made it clear that he wants this Dallas team to form its own identity.

“We respect what the 90’s (teams) did,” Bryant said according to the Dallas Morning News. “Great team. Much respect to all of them. They’re still great and forever will be great. But we want to make a path of our own. I feel like if we continue to keep playing the way we did, we’ll get there someday, hopefully.”

Since Bryant has heard so much criticism from those who used to wear the uniform of America’s team, it’s no surprise he wants to hold off on the comparisons.  Until Tony Romo can stop choking away games, he should never be compared to a winner like Troy Aikman.  DeMarco Murray is on pace to break every team rushing record the Cowboys have, but he has exactly one NFL start on his resume.  The offense looked explosive against the Rams, but we’re talking about the Rams.  This is not the 1990s, and the Cowboys need fans and analysts to recognize that so they can perform under lower expectations.

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