FOX TV Catches Visanthe Shiancoe in Loose Post-Game Pose

I totally missed this — and I really have to wonder about the people who catch it — but FOX TV was apparently pretty careless in bringing us the postgame celebration in the Vikings locker room on Sunday. See for yourself:

I swear, if I have to start curbing my language on the radio because of this, I’m not going to be happy. Whatever happened to the waist-up rule for cameras in the locker room? And how about Visanthe Shiancoe, the guy catches the go-ahead touchdown to beat the Lions, and he becomes a household name because part of his shlong is exposed in a post-game TV shot. Gotta love it. (BTW, anyone else wondering what Childress was looking at?)

(via The Sporting Blog and PFT)

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  • SpinMax


  • frank

    All i saw was hair. Someone will have to freeze the frame and blow it up so i can see it.

  • http://news.review-of.com/ News Review

    Accidents happen.. It’s enough that FOX television apologized to the public.

  • koufax

    He should go ahead and teabag Brad Childress while he’s at it. Terrible coach.

  • http://www.footballfanatics.com/default.aspx/source/DLB-LarryBrownSports Football Fanatics

    How does the camera man or producer not pick up on that?

  • punky196

    Damn, that blue box is long!!!!

  • ding a ling

    his penis is long ..down to his knee..

  • Teri

    That is a long box!!