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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jacoby Jones gives Michele Tafoya a wink and a ‘Thank you, gorgeous’ (Video)

Jacoby Jones was understandably in a good mood on Sunday night after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Like the victory, Jones’ stat line wasn’t exactly pretty. He caught only two passes for one yard, but he did score the Ravens’ only touchdown of the game on a 63-yard punt return in the first quarter.

Then, Jones decided to embarrass himself in his postgame interview. NBC’s Michele Tafoya congratulated the wideout for the victory after a short interview, to which he responded, “Thank you, gorgeous.” To make matters worse, he tossed in an incredibly corny wink.

It wasn’t cool when Cam Newton called a reporter sweetheart and it’s not cool for Jones to call a female sideline reporter gorgeous. Some will argue that it’s a compliment, but I see it as condescending — as I’m sure Tafoya did. A simple “thank you” would have done.

Video via @JimmyTraina

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