Jets reportedly feared ‘Tebowmania’ would ruin Mark Sanchez’s psyche

When the New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow last offseason, the same question popped into the minds of almost everyone — why? If Rex Ryan and company were so committed to Mark Sanchez after signing him to a hefty extension, why would they bring in a quarterback who is arguably the most popular player in the NFL and just led a team to the playoffs?

One common line of thinking is that the Jets were trying to motivate Sanchez and get him to take his game to the next level in his fourth year as a starter. However, a source reportedly told the NY Post that the Jets were extremely concerned that “Tebowmania” would derail Marky Mark.

There was also the “Tebowmania” factor. One source described the organization as “frozen with fear” that Tebow would actually excel, creating a quarterback controversy that would wreck Sanchez’s psyche. Tebow wound up being more effective as the personal protector on the punt team than as an offensive player.

Instead of motivating Sanchez to elevate his game or having an insurance policy in case Sanchez stumbled, the Jets wound up with the worst possible scenario. The coaching staff clearly lost all confidence in Tebow and it appears he will be released or traded after the season. Sanchez has gotten worse as the season progresses, having thrown seven interceptions in his last three games.

Whether it was Tebowmania that ruined Sanchez or he is simply not a viable NFL starter is irrelevant at this point. The only thing that matters is Greg McElroy is New York’s starting quarterback for Week 16, and that has nothing to do with injuries. Did we see this coming? Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean it’s a shock.

Photo credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

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  • Mr Martin

    I wonder if the jets would’nt got got Tebow Mark would’ve been ok you know loyalty they should’ve got him some top notch protection fire Rex Ryan but @##@$now the buck stop here by the way who look at Tebow from jump fire him too …..

  • SpinMax

    simply not a starter? so matter of fact? and Russell Wilson is too short to be a viable NFL starter. Same for Drew Brees. The guy has only started 14 games in his career, has 29 total TDs and 9ints with a 75QR. How awful. Won his first playoff game with great stats. How awful.   Kurt Warner was a freaking bagboy.  Most guys get told they can’t play after they actually get a chance or two and fail. This guy Tebow has had a chance, succeeded, and then was told he can’t play. What??

  • Lynn Burgess

    I thought as much, but it is interesting to see it coming from “a source,” not that I think such unnamed people are credible… but it just seemed too surreal that they did not start Tim as bad as things were going.  Mark seems like a nice enough guy and I don’t wish him ill, but if all things are fair in love and war and footfall he lost the job and Tim was the next man up and doubly so given his wins last year.  I only hope Tim gets another chance somewhere else, because it would seem Rex and Mark are wed for 2013.  I only wish all those that think Tim was not played because Rex thought he was so bad could read this… I hope it finds its way into other pieces.