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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Disappointing Draft Night for Clausen

The NFL Draft is always exciting for young players who are fresh out of college. But for Jimmy Clausen, the quarterback from Notre Dame, it just plain sucked.

Clausen was predicted by many people to be a first-round draft pick, with experts saying he was the second best QB coming into the draft behind Sam Bradford. Bradford was the first overall pick, selected by the St. Louis Rams as predicted. But I think the most upsetting part of the night for Clausen had to be the announcement that the Denver Broncos had selected Tim Tebow as the 25th overall pick. I’m guessing that Jimmy had to be stunned. Clausen did have a year of eligibility remaining but he chose to leave South Bend and boy, that has to be haunting him now.

Notre Dame hasn’t been very successful with their QB’s being top ten draft picks lately. Remember, Brady Quinn was projected to be a top ten pick but instead he fell into the 20’s before getting drafted by the Browns. But now Clausen is ending up in the second-round, which will be a blow to his confidence (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the kid is pretty cocky) and his pocketbook. But, what will be considered a lose for the South Bend quarterback, can still be a win for LBS fans. Since he was not drafted last night, that means Ochocinco’s prize for predicting the team that would draft Clausen is still up for grabs. All I can say is that I don’t this as such a bad thing, maybe Clausen needed to be knocked off his pedestal before he could learn to play in the NFL.

Clausen, Broncos come up short [ESPN]

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