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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

JJ Watt with blood streaming down his face

JJ Watt blood

Could anything make JJ Watt look more hard? Watt came off the field toward the end of the third quarter of Houston’s game against Seattle with blood streaming down his face and into his mouth. A cut on the bridge of his nose was responsible for the bloody scene. It was reported after the game that Watt required six stitches to close the cut.

When asked after the game about the cut on his nose, Watt gave a badass answer.

“I hit people for a living.”

Were you actually expecting him to explain how it happened?

Below is another look at his face all bloody:

JJ Watt blood face

Now if you were thinking you should feel badly for Watt, you have it all wrong. The real person to feel badly for is the Texans’ trainer, who got straight up disrespected by Watt!

That is one tough dude.

Image via MockSession

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