Johnny Manziel allegedly rolling bills in a bathroom does not mean he was doing cocaine

Johnny Manziel rolling bill bathroom money

Things are really getting out of hand in terms of how much Johnny Manziel is covered and hounded by the media and public.

I mean the guy goes to Las Vegas for July 4th weekend, and he can’t even make it through without some photo emerging insinuating nefarious activities.

Busted Coverage received the photo seen above and says they were sent the picture by an emailer who says it’s of Manziel rolling money in a bathroom. Manziel was in Vegas for the weekend and there are other pictures showing Manziel in the same exact gray shirt and gold chain. This is Manziel with model Dallas Nicole wearing the same clothes:

Johnny Manziel Dallas Nicole

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has some details on Manziel’s weekend:

Spies said he stayed in the Real World Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with friends, partied at XS nightclub at Encore and dined at STK, the steakhouse at The Cosmopolitan.

I’m not really sure why people take a look at that photo of Manziel and automatically conclude he was rolling bills in a bathroom for the purposes of snorting cocaine.

What, like you’ve never rolled money in front of a bathroom sink before?

What if those weren’t even dollar bills in the picture? Or what if he was rolling the bill in his hand to grease the bathroom attendant, security guard or someone else? Or heaven forbid he actually used the bill to wipe his nose because he’s rich and can do that sort of thing, and he was just rolling up all the snot. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do that too if you were a millionaire.

You people can go out there and jump to your own unfair, ridiculous conclusions all you want. Just know that when it comes down to it, there is always one site who will have Johnny Manziel’s back, defending him every time silly stories come out trying to get him in trouble. For all we know, just like that picture of Manziel’s Heisman Trophy holding a blunt, this can be a total fake or plant job by some jealous fans looking to railroad the guy’s career. Everyone’s always out to bring down this guy. Manziel’s the real victim here, just like he was when this picture came out, too.

Don’t worry, Johnny, we have your back. Keep doing your thing and don’t let these ridiculous stories bring you down.

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  • Ken

    So glad the Bills didn’t take the risk on this guy

  • Eastman420

    Yeah because ppl just roll up dollar bills in thebathroom for thehell of it. Perfect drug for athletes out of your system in acouple days.

  • Harry Palma

    Stone Cold JUNKIE!

  • http://danmcq.com/ Dan McQuade

    As a cocaine user, there is no other way to interpret what was going on in that photo.

  • BBB3

    Who the hell just rolls up dollar bills? If you know anything about “greasing the palm”, which you obviously do not, you don’t roll it, you fold it into a neat little square that will fit nicely into the palm. So you can defend this dude all you want but I think it’s pretty obvious WHY he was rolling the bill. Now if you want to say that maybe he was rolling it for someone else to use to snort some powder you can do that, but that is a lame excuse too. But at least if you use that excuse you are admitting what you don’t want to admit which is that he was rolling the bill so SOMEONE could use it for powder.

  • Eastman420

    Like how he said or maybe he’s just using it to blow his nice. That would make him an even bigger douche

  • C2

    Honestly, he’s rolling bills for 1 of two things: Strippers or cocaine. The latter, obviously is banned by the NFL. Lol.

  • Mike Karras

    As a guy who has been around cocaine users there is only one way to roll a bill for cocaine and thats it. Anyone who says its for a different reason has never been around the party scene.Lmao, who rolls a bill for a bathroom attendant

  • jb

    Sure Larry, and the African American studies program at UNC is all about academics. People roll up dollar bills all the time……and THEN THEY SNORT COCAINE! OH he’s in Vegas…nevermind no coke there.

  • Zachary Tee

    you can see little white piles in the right hand side mirror

  • Zachary Tee

    he may be combining the strippers and the cocaine…

  • Pete Garza

    Wondering why Johnny decided to wear a different watch in the bathroom? And now on his Right wrist and earlier with his girlfriend he was wearing different watch on his Left wrist? Odd…

  • Teddy DuChamp

    In the bathroom pic, he has his gold chain tucked into his shirt so he is better able to bend over for a snort.

  • dyrwolf

    haha, I always wondered how mirrors worked!

  • nash gomez

    You don’t give strippers rolled up bills, Who does that?

  • ocdetf

    The kid’s a loser.

  • Daddywheelz

    If they put them in the sink that is. Not a good picture of JFF, but it is not coke in the other mirror. The counter is black.

  • janko hronec

    B U M

  • Dale Hammers

    I hate Manziel, but thats just reflection from the flash

  • Todd David

    …or maybe he’s rolling up the twenty to shove up your ass in thanks for all the times you’ve kissed his.

    Probability of a $20 bill being rolled up in the bathroom of a nightclub for purposes other than blow? less than 1%, regardless of HOW MANY silly preposterous alternatives you create to convolute the story. You can create 50 alternatives for Manziel rolling up the bill if you want, but that doesn’t change the fact they still represent about 1% of the probability combined. But nice try *wink*. If it looks like a friggin’ duck, more than likely it’s a duck not a banana, stoopid. Nobody cares enough about a bathroom attendant or bouncer to take the time to roll up money for a tip, especially not when it looks like you’re handing him your coke straw. In my younger days of waiting tables through college I was tipped with a rolled up twenty dollar bill on just one occasion, and when I unrolled it to turn it into manageable money, it was laced with white powder per usual.

  • Higher Ed

    Interesting in the bathroom photo that he has his necklace inside his shirt – perhaps so that it doesn’t get in the way when he bends over to snort “something” through the rolled bill?

  • Todd David

    furthermore, Manziel isn’t an idiot. The kid has done MORE THAN ENOUGH partying to know what a rolled up twenty represents; therefore he’s culpable for publicly engaging in such action in a club bathroom. Guilt by association is a thing for a reason, and in this image he’s associating himself with distinct cocaine paraphernalia.

    What’s next, LarryBrown?…are you gonna suggest the guy running into the convenient store wearing a ski mask and holding a gun isn’t about to rob it simply b/c the photo doesn’t actually catch him in the act? I know I know- maybe he’s a cop and it’s really really cold out but he has a rare medical condition where his arms and legs are always hot. dumbass

  • Robert Butler

    It’s for coke!

  • Ross Steppling

    Let him keep messing around. Maybe they’ll get rid of him and give Connor Shaw a chance.

  • Hal Hefner

    In a club, in a bathroom there is only one reason you roll up a bill. AND it isn’t to funnel your pee, or grease the attendant. It’s to dive into some snow. Headfirst. So you can defend it all you want and in reality, who cares. I think Sports are better when everyone is on drugs. Look how boring baseball has been since McGwire, Sosa and Bonds retired. Who gives a crap. Let him sniff coke!

  • Hal Hefner

    HAHAHAH! You are right. He’s going going snow diving!

  • ☥ Black Da Vinci ☥

    I was gonna say, there is a way to do so. But that’s just really gross, unnecessary and immature.

  • ☥ Black Da Vinci ☥

    This authors logic: if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…its probably a platypus.

  • Faith Jay

    Yeah I walk into a bathroom roll up a 20 and hand it too the bathroom attendant…smgdh. Any more lame excuses ??? 9/10 times the bathroom attendant doesn’t even want to touch your hands. You throw the money on basket near the sink.

    Oh well Steve Howe all over

  • jeff

    Johnny 8ball!

  • Stefan Paul

    I hope to god this article is satire, because it’s a weaker defense than Alabama against A&M last year.

  • Stefan Paul

    Not to mention that there’s no good reason to be sly about tipping a bathroom attendant.

  • Stefan Paul

    You can’t tell what kind of watch he’s wearing in the pictures with the girl, but it looks similar enough to the one in the bathroom pic that it could easily be the same. Mirrors reflect a backwards image, so of course it’ll look like it’s on the opposite wrist. The dude is getting ready to do some blow.

  • Stefan Paul

    Nice reference. Glad someone remembers Howe.

  • Tommy

    You’re in such denial its hilarious. At times I actually thought this article was written out of sarcasm

  • killa

    quit dick riding the dude was doin blow fag lame ass excuses u made dick riding aint a form of transportation fag

  • michelleobetts

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  • http://batman-news.com johnny8ball

    It was.

    Wasn’t it?

  • C2

    Every woman I know does it. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Slides in places waaaay easier. Just sayin! Lol

  • tin

    no other reason why he would be rolling a bill up at all, this article makes it like every dude walks into a bathroom and rolls a bill in the mirror for shits and giggles so i can see how gangsta i look rolling a 20? noooo he’s blowing a line, it’ll be out of system in 3 days no one will know the wiser…until he got caught

  • tin

    bro…everyone knows you only roll up bills for one thing…i have never had an instance in my life where I’ve needed to roll a bill up….EVER

  • tacoboy

    his chain is in his shirt so it dosnt get in the way when you bend over to do that line! hahah!

  • tacoboy

    wow this is the next rodman! im cool with that as long as you know hes gonna play like a beast!

  • Adam f

    C’mon guys a little cocaine ain’t hurt ya. He’ll when I was his age that was ever weekend prolly had a few too many needed a pickup. #tomanyfuckingsquares Not here for a long time here for a good time

  • Jeff

    You are indeed correct on that one!

  • Jeff

    the fuq you say?

  • Jeff

    It’s affected your long term apostrophe use.

  • Ricky Somerick

    That is clearly a round Percocet you can see it in the mirror on the right

  • DonaldTheWhiteMan

    Why didn’t the NFL drug test this clown the moment he got back from Vegas?

  • DonaldTheWhiteMan

    The NFL drug tests players after an above average game so why aren’t they testing somebody that is blatantly engaged in drug behavior.