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Monday, April 23, 2018

Marshawn Lynch has ‘Beast Mode’ strain of marijuana named after him

Marshawn-Lynch-Better-PreparationMarshawn Lynch is a fan favorite in Seattle. He’s one of the most exciting players in the NFL to watch because of his hard-nosed running style and ability to shed tacklers like it’s nothing. And you know how Lynch knows he has really made it in the league? A local marijuana dispensary named a strain of weed after him.

The Queen Anne Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, is currently selling a strain called “Beast Mode.” Not surprisingly, it is quite potent.

“It’s extremely strong,” store owner Nate “Diggity” Johnson told the Seattle Times over the weekend. “Marshawn has gears when he’s running and it’s kind of like that. It has a little bit of a slow start and then kicks in.”

Johnson explained that the strain was originally supposed to be called “Girl Scout Cookies,” but the growers realized that wasn’t a strong enough name once they harvested it. Most of the marijuana sold in Seattle dispensaries has a THC level of between 12 and 20, and Beast Mode is on the higher end at 17.6. It costs $13 per gram and $150 per half-ounce.

“It hit me like Beast Mode,” Johnson recalled one of the growers saying the first time he tried the new weed.

Lynch has registered trademarks on the phrase “Beast Mode,” but Johnson does not think it will be an issue since the store sells donation-based medical cannabis. The money paid for the weed is supposed to cover employee salaries and the cost of running the store, not turn a profit.

When Jeremy Lin first burst onto the NBA scene and became a household name, a dispensary named a strain of marijuana after him. His lawyers later sent the store a cease-and-desist letter. Time will tell if Lynch intends to do the same, though his new endorsement deal may inspire him to leave the dispensary alone.

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