Miami Dolphins fans support Richie Incognito with signs

Free Incognito sign

Some Miami Dolphins fans may feel embarrassed about what’s going on with their team, but others are standing by Richie Incognito. Some attended the Monday night game between the Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium and had signs with messages supporting Incognito.

The Miami Herald captured this photo of fans showing their support of Incognito:

And then you had a few folks mocking Jonathan Martin for complaining about being bullied:

Bucs fans bullied signs

I’m not sure why these people would mock Martin for complaining about being bullied, but I do understand why people are saying “Free Incognito.” A lot of folks feel like Martin was the weak link on the team and are fine with him being bullied off of it.

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Photos via Kissing Suzy Kolber

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  • mommafrank

    I just watched Mike Ditka, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson do the MNF pregame and I’m so angry. Since this started Chris, Tom, and Keyshawn have all denied ever having witnessed anything like this in a locker room. LIARS!!! C’mon man, who you kidding. One of them even said something about the coaches not knowing about the players going to the strip clubs and how he couldn’t believe it. So are they saying that when they played, that the locker rooms were nothing but professional gentlemen, and that none of them ever went to a strip club. Please, somebody has to know or have seen them at a strip club during their career. They are all acting so pure and like frickin choir boys. Again, LIARS!! I was married to an NFL player, and he told so many stories about the crazy stuff they did in the locker room. Belie…ve me, if someone had said, look this stuff is really bothering me, it’s hurting me mentally, they would have stopped messing with him. If Martin had privately just reached out to one of them, been completely honest about how he felt, they would have STOPPED. When my ex played they had one guy on the team that was a big weirdo, he talked about disgusting stuff that he did in private. Did he catch hell, damn straight he did. He didn’t belong in the locker room. He had mental issues too. If you need a doctor, go to the doctor, but the first thing the doctor will tell you when your better is to take responsibility for your own actions in your problems. I doubt Martin will ever man up and take responsibility for what HE did. That locker room was not alone in all the problems that tormented Martin. Hell, he had just been demoted. Ya think maybe that’s what pushed him over the edge. I do. The most disappointing thing about the MNF crew is watching Mike Ditka sit there silent. This is the guy who once did this…….During his radio show on 670 The Score, then Bears head coach Mike Ditka received a rather critical call from Neal from North Lake.
    “Instead of getting mad at the way his team played, why did, at the press conference, why did it appear that (Ditka) was holding back – trying not to cry like the baby he is?” Neil asked the coach.

    To which Ditka responded: “I’m 53 years old and my office is at 250 N. Washington. Anytime you want to meet me there, you tell me what time and I’ll meet you there. I’ll whip your ass. You got that, wonder boy? It’s easy to hide behind a microphone. Let’s get out in public and see who the gutless wonder is.” C’mon Ditka…who’s the gutless wonder now. So sad, I used to think he was the man. Not anymore. Where’s your cajonos’ now? Maybe that’s why you need Levitra.