Michael Sam gives boyfriend kiss after being drafted (Video)

Michael Sam kiss boyfriend

Michael Sam being drafted as the first openly gay player in the NFL was news in itself, but the former Missouri linebacker’s reaction to being drafted is historic as well.

ESPN recorded and decided to play Sam’s reaction to being drafted. The reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year broke down and cried upon learning he was selected by the Rams 249th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. He got some emotional support from his boyfriend who was at his side, and then the two shared multiple kisses on the lips.

Sam is obviously completely comfortable with his sexuality, and that is to be applauded. As for those disgusted by this moment, you should get over yourself. Are you offended when a player kisses his girlfriend after being drafted? Then this shouldn’t bother you, either.

That was very bold of Sam to act so affectionately on national TV, bold of ESPN to record it and just as bold of them to show it to their audience knowing it would offend some.

As a reminder, he’s not the first guy to give another guy a kiss on the lips after being drafted:

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  • ca

    Is Sam the “receiver” or is his boyfriend?

  • Tom

    Disgusting news coverage.will never watch espn again

  • DiamondBackPain

    Why do you want to get in the middle? WHO CARES. Troll.

  • mike2lane

    So happy for him!

  • Hal Watts

    I wish him and his boyfriend the best.

  • Christoper Wish

    so what will you watch? stop your lies….

  • Jeff_Selbst

    No one will miss you.

  • David Lee

    This is a step in the right direction. I’m glad they are there to enjoy and share in this special moment.

  • DannyEastVillage

    how sad for espn.

  • Tom

    Will not miss you either

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  • SheSaidThat

    How sad for you! That you “live” in the world you do. I wish the best for you during the rest of your sad, bigoted, life. Get on the right side of history! #HomophobiaIsOut #AcceptanceIsIn

  • Jeremy

    I have a feeling Sam’s the dominant one in that relationship, considering he’s much bigger than the other guy

  • Nomar Satino

    Wake up!!!!

  • Brax

    since he got drafted by the hometown RAMS does that mean he got his CAKE and gets to eat it to? oh, wait….. lol


    Why do people care if a guy kisses another guy. PEOPLE kiss animals and thats Gross,

  • Chad Burke

    Pun intended?

  • Nick Atwood

    I wanted to puke…

  • You’re not a victim!

    The hate speech on here no doubt shows why this country still has such a
    problem with skin color. Roll this speech back 80, 100 years and it
    sounds just like speech used against African Americans from bigoted

  • DiamondBackPain

    I actually meant that the way you thought, lol.

  • richard boyden

    As a COMBAT MARINE… I “fought for the right” to say ANYTHING about Sam. With that said, it needs to be understood and documented just exactly does Sam bring into the locker room as a “sodomite”. The article below graphically reveals the truth about “fecal sex”…say “sodomy. Google it…and read and learn the truth! “WAIT, GUNNY – I HAVE TO CHANGE MY DIAPER”.

  • Andy

    I do not want to see any football player period shoving cake down his significant others throat -talk about staged, having said that though I wish him all the best of luck and yes I do mean that. Michael we get it -your Gay -Now Play football and have a great career

  • ThePastor

    If Sam and his boyfriend end up in Hell because of their abominable ways (unless they repent and get saved) then who’s going to be cheering them on then. This world is ending soon and very soon. The Lord is returning.

  • ThePastor