Did Seahawks fans throw popcorn at NaVorro Bowman as he was carted off? (GIF)

NaVorro-Bowman-popcornSeattle Seahawks fans are known for being some of the loudest in sports. The team feels a special connection with its “12th man,” and you can understand why. Seattle has been one of the most difficult teams to play on the road in recent years, mostly because of the noise. However, the person or persons who threw popcorn at NaVorro Bowman on Sunday have no reason to be proud.

Bowman suffered a gruesome leg injury on a play near the goal line in the fourth quarter. Those of you who have a strong stomach can watch the play here. As he was being carted off the field and into the locker room, Bowman appeared to get a popcorn shower.

Throwing things at players is always a classless thing to do. When someone has just torn their knee apart and is exiting the biggest game of the year, it’s even tougher to watch. In a piece he wrote for Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback,” Richard Sherman ripped whoever threw the food.

“If it’s true, it’s beyond terrible,” Sherman said. “That’s as low as it gets. I’m sure whoever did this is in a small minority of fans, because I don’t think that kind of action is an accurate representation of the character of the 12th man. Navorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way. … He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that.”

Sherman may have made a fool of himself during a couple of postgame interviews, but we’re with him on that. Totally uncalled for.

GIF via Guyism

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  • K Stoley

    If they intentionally threw popcorn, I say grow the heck up! I bet your mama is proud of you.

  • Rob97267

    Who ever dumped the Popcorn on him is not a true 12th man, but a complete MORON! shame on you.

  • Scatha

    Totally classless and beyond disgusting. So Seahawk fans, this is how you represent yourself? To throw something a an injured man? No matter how good your team is, you don’t deserve to win the Superbowl.

  • repete66211

    Seahawks fans aren’t the “loudest in sports”, they play in a stadium whose shape prevents sound from dissipating. I’m so sick of hearing that.

    Also, whatever was thrown bounces like it’s heavier than popcorn. Do they make a white variety of Skittles?

  • apjohn316

    No they tripped, fell and dropped popcorn at the exact moment that Bowman was passing on the cart….

  • Catherine Anderson

    I am a Seahawks fan, but I would never wish ill on ANY player, no matter what team they play on. To do what this person did was just wrong and uncalled for. I sincerely hope Bowman will recover and be back to his awesome self soon.

  • Chris Jacobs

    Its the softest, most hamless food there is. Its not some major statement. Its not a beer bottle or even ice or water. Even at wedding they throw rice at the bride and groom. Who cares about popcorn?

  • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

    More animals in the stands at an NFL game.
    Actually, the SEC and Big 12 fans are far worse.
    Carry on, children.

  • Kris

    Are you serious? I’m not a fan of either team, but it’s Rude. This player may never play again and he gets food thrown at him. How disrespectful! Grow up

  • ScottG

    Chris, I don’t care if it’s a seed. IT’s rude and uncalled for. Shame on the jerk that did that.

  • sp12

    You seem to miss the point Chris. I don’t care if they threw cotton candy which is softer, you just don’t do it. It’s classless and shows your feeble mentality. You should never celebrate an injury. There’s a family that depends on that player. I’m a Seahawk fan and I’m embarassed that this happened.

  • beachbiker

    I’m sure that cameras pick up the ones responsible for the popcorn shower and they can be dealt with by the league and being ban from all NFL Games!

  • itsthekerouac

    So ONE jerk means all fans are awful? Come on now. It was one jerk most likely drunk.

  • Edie Gutierrez

    Scatha, not every Hawks fan agrees with what happened to him. Please don’t judge every fan by an idiots actions.

  • EdZachury

    It was popcorn, grow a pair.

  • Cliff Lalone

    Hey chris your a moron its the point of it dumbass. you and the guy that threw the popcorn are out of the same mold. i wish we could rid the world of all you jerks. you just dont get it do you. classless aholes!

  • Cliff Lalone

    totally agree most fans are good im a packer fan and im quite sure most packer fans would have strung this guy up by his you know what.

  • Cliff Lalone

    they arent goint to win the superbowl go broncos!!

  • Cliff Lalone

    Hey ed grow a pair really another inbred that just doesnt get it. its the point ed disrespect do you understand did i say that slow enough for you edward???

  • Lucille

    So Chris Jacobs, does this mean YOU wouldn’t feel a tad bit hurt by someone dropping food on you purposely if your career could be over because of an injury? You need to see the DISTASTEFULLNESS, RUDE, IGNORANT, CLASSLESS, DUMBASS RESPONSE TO SOMEONE’S PAIN AND REALIZE THIS GUY WHO DID THIS HAS THE SAME PERSONALITY AS YOU DO……………YOU NEED A WAKEUP CALL!

  • Lucille

    That’s as ignorant as the bartender in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE when he squirted the pharmacist in the face with soda water in the bar when GEORGE BAILY was dreaming he had never been born. Or do you even know that movie? It’s a CLASSIC………SO I GUESS YOU DON’T!!!!!

  • Lucille


  • hddragracer

    They could’a thrown something MUCH WORSE than pop corn!

  • kratliff73

    They “could’a” not thrown anything and shown some class. The point is that he was being carted off with what could have been a career ending injury. He’s in pain. Why throw anything? Because they have no class. No Morals. No moral human would even think of defending this.

  • George Coburn

    Indeed, if they threw it at him it is terrible! However it could have been as simple as a SF fan looking over the rail and dropping some popcorn. There wasn’t much of it and it didn’t seem to have any velocity, being ‘thrown,’ so who knows.

    The 12th man is not like that and I think that this is getting spun as an attack on Bowman so as to make headlines. Hawks fans are not like that at all, I have been to several games and been with several different groups. Never have I seen anything like that.

  • Steven Mark Tobin

    Player didn’t even react in the slightest…

  • Dustin Baker

    I see a lot of red and a lot of blue. Do we have confirmation if it was a Seahawk fan that threw the popcorn, or are we assuming because we want something to complain about?

  • Brad Styles

    It’s not the item its the action

  • Andy Johnson

    Friends at the game said it was a 49er fan

  • Buster Hymen

    Maybe they thought Bowman was hungry. And what could cheer you up more than fresh popcorn when you’re down?

  • Dustin Baker

    It would be nice to get a confirmation from the media. The 49er fans in the games was tearing up banners, throwing Seahawk towels on the ground, and just flat out being unrealistic of fans. I would like to see the outcome with some proof from the media.

  • Dan Hammack

    The video shows a handful of popcorn coming down once, which clearly points to one person. It’s ridiculous to imply that multiple fans perfectly timed throwing popcorn in unison.

  • Dan Hammack

    What I find classless and disgusting is people jumping to conclusions. Does the video show a Seahawk fan throwing popcorn at Bowman, no it doesn’t. Perhaps a fan, even a 49er fan was leaning over the rail to get a closer look and accidentally spilled some popcorn. And if someone did throw popcorn it was a single handful which would clearly point to one person.

  • K Stoley