That Tom Brady … Damn Near Perfect

Just in case you were on a hot date Saturday night and missed the game, the Pats remained perfect on the year going to 17-0. Almost as impressive as their season record was Tom Brady’s performance. The QB went 26 of 28 count ‘em — only two incompletions — one of which was a dropped pass. He threw for three touchdowns, no interceptions and 262 yards. His favorite touchdown target during the regular season, Randy Moss, was held to only one catch for 14 yards. Much like they showed in weeks five and 12, you can take Randy Moss out of the ballgame, but the Patriots will still find a way to beat you.

I guess you have to give credit to Jacksonville for shutting Moss down the way they did. Several other teams throughout the year double-teamed him but even those squads still yielded at least a few catches and at least 30 yards. The Jags only allowed him one catch. So what does that say about Brady who had such a great day even with his best receiver taken out of the game? I’d say the guy is pretty dangerous and the Patriots have stockpiled some serious talent. We’re talking about a divisional playoff game and Tom Brady was nearly perfect. I’m not saying that he made the perfect read each play, but the passes he did throw were almost always on the money. For that, Brady took home another record — best completion percentage by a quarterback in a playoff game. Not too shabby. And seriously, can a quarterback play much better than Brady has this year?

(Photo Courtesy Winslow Townson/AP)

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  • Shecky

    Your last question pretty much says it all. I can honestly say over the course of 17 games, I’ve never seen the QB position played at a higher level than Brady’s doing right now. He’s both spectacular and ruthlessly efficient but most importantly; his 52 Patriot teammates march to the beat of his drum. They all seem to fall in line. It’s almost hard to envision a more complete package at QB than we’re seeing with him this season. And I’m no Patriots fan.
    Bottom line; if he gets four rings and a perfect season by age 30, not to mention 50 TD passes in one season, a 21 game winning streak, a ridiculous 15-2 postseason record, etc…let’s face it; we may all have to admit we’re watching the greatest QB that ever played.