Tim Tebow doing MMA training at Gracie Academy

Tim Tebow is the latest football player to take up MMA training.

According to TMZ, the Jets quarterback recently began Jiu-Jitsu training with the legendary Gracie family at their new academy in Beverly Hills, Ca. The academy opened in June and is its second one in Southern California (the headquarters in Torrance opened in 1989).

Tebow apparently trained with UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and two of the Gracies — Ryron and Ralek. Ryron even complimented Tebow, telling him on Twitter “your athleticism/intelligence makes teaching Jiu jitsu even easier!”

Let’s just hope MMA training does more for Tebow than it did for Matt Leinart.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H7IIMBHYHRKC7XHEDSLHUF3MTY bret

    he wants to get t-boned

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2XJNF6HK2DBFB4FCSUITWBRVUQ Tyler

    Sleeping with women is bad but rolling around with sweaty dudes is good?
    Is that in John 3:16.

  • Anonymous

    What’s MMA stand for? Man on Man Action?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_363NUAKGNLK6KTK3HK3XCVLZ54 123 Kid

    Feel the T-bone

  • Anonymous

    You must be plumb stupid and ignorant!!! Or maybe wishing you was there to put it to the test!!! Either way, you are an idiot, period!!!

  • Anonymous

         R U stupid???  A person works out and makes thier life better physically, mentally and more prepared for lifes mental and emotional battles; and here you go trying to take something good and make something bad out of it.
         Are you really that lacking in your life that you take good to something evil???  It must be nice to be such truely a miserable  person, that you have to reach down inside and reflect what is most likely a part of your true identity for others to see; in order to make yourself  feel better!!! 
         Please don’t bring God into something that you are showing you know nothing about!!!

  • Anonymous

     tyler, you’re a moron.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GISSOCTU4IQ7G3WP4ITA55HW7Y nosoma

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  • Anonymous

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  • http://twitter.com/deagle1248 daniel li doyle

    mixed martial arts

  • Butch Whitlow

    I would like to any of you, making the negitive comments, make just one 3 min round let along a whole fight. The MMA have proven to be a sport that brings the best of the best and if Tebow is up to the challenge my hat if off to him. I have taught Karate for over 30 years and added MMA to the training 10 years ago and man what a difference and by the way I have some girls that can take out most of you couch potatos.

  • Glenn San

    PROBABLY all the girls could!! All the ones attacking Tebow though are projecting their own desires! With girls ehh I don’t thik these pansies would even get close to one of them.Now if  you have some “butch type” girls,then they would be offering to do some stuff with them like rolling around and play grab ass with them…that is til they realize they are GIRLS!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FUVIKYVFNA5YFBT7WEJK25XB6Q Loki

    More phony hype from the AntiChrist

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FUVIKYVFNA5YFBT7WEJK25XB6Q Loki

    I accept your challenge.  I am willing to give you some boxing lessons in your town.  I’ll pay for the facilities.  Where do you live?