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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tom Brady Loves Randy Moss, but do Pats?

The relationship between Tom Brady and Randy Moss is an interesting one. Just before the Patriots released the mercurial wide receiver last year, he reportedly had gotten into a fight with quarterback Tom Brady. Despite the reported fight, they were back to being cool a few days later. Moss went to the Vikings, was released after ruining the team’s chemistry, and was claimed by the Titans where he did very little. Now he’s “retired” and says he would want to return to the Patriots. Tom Brady told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan that he’d welcome the move.

“Would it surprise me? I mean, you never know in the NFL. I talked to Randy just before training camp started. I love Randy. He’s one of the greatest receivers in the history of the game, one of the greatest players I’e ever had a chance to play with, and I love the guy. Unfortunately, I don’t make personnel decisions. I’d still have all my friends here. Troy [Brown] would still be here. David Patten would still be here. Deion [Branch] would never have left. I’ve seen so many guys move on over the years, and then guys come back. So, who knows? … If he ever did have the opportunity to come back, I’d certainly welcome him with open arms.”

Brady’s comments leave us considering many possibilities. First off, though the Pats’ offense initially struggled without Moss, Brady went on to play the best football of his career and win an MVP without Randy. The team also has added Chad Ochocinco, who has struggled to pick up the offense during training camp. Randy knows the offense and connects well with Tom, but didn’t the team do just dandy without him? I’ve always been a Randy advocate, but I do believe the team does not need him (except when they’re facing the Jets).

Brady may love Randy just like he loves Troy Brown, Deion Branch, David Patten, and all his guys, but the big question is if Bill Belichick does. If Belichick’s interest does not match Brady’s then the team won’t bring Randy in. Something tells me Brady knew the Pats were not going to sign Moss so he answered the question nicely in order to maintain a strong relationship with Moss. The Pats are too media savvy to share their future transactions on the radio like that.

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