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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tony Dungy: ‘I Would Cut Ties with Vince Young’ if I Were Jeff Fisher

It’s one thing for an impetuous writer or a schmuck caller on sports talk radio to say the Titans need to part ways with Vince Young. It’s quite another when Tony Dungy says it. See, Dungy was a Super Bowl winning coach with the Colts, so his words actually carry some weight around these parts. He’s run teams, helped with personnel decisions, and he seems like a rational dude. Rational people don’t make conclusive remarks without really believing in them, so you know Dungy was serious when he commented on the Vince Young-Jeff Fisher situation in Tennessee.

Asked what he would do with Vince Young, Dungy said “I think you cut ties with Vince Young … that’s just wrong.” Tony added “No coach in the National Football League has his players’ back as much as Jeff Fisher does. And Vince Young as a quarterback, he’s gotta be with them.”

That’s coming from someone who knows how difficult it is to find a quality quarterback, and how much a team can be hurt by a lack of good quarterback play. Dungy wouldn’t have recommended the Titans part ways with Vince Young if VY hadn’t really screwed up, and if he didn’t believe Young were expendable. We already knew Buffalo would be looking for a new quarterback in the draft, maybe now you can add Tennessee to the list.

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