Vince Young is Following Michael Vick’s Every Move to Learn from Him, Why?

Michael Vick and Vince Young both like to use their legs at the quarterback position. Aside from that, you would have trouble finding many similarities between the two.  Young has never done anything at the NFL level.  He’s also never been to prison.  That is why we find it a little confusing that on a list of 25 observations from Eagles training camp on Tuesday, CSNPhilly.com included Young’s shadowing of Vick on and off the field at No. 5.

On the field, we have all seen what Vick can do.  Before he went to prison, Michael was one of the most — if not the most — explosive players in the NFL.  He was somehow able to maintain that burst through two years out of football and earned the comeback player of the year award for his performance last season.  From a football standpoint, it makes perfect sense for Young to look to Vick as a mentor.

As for off the field, these are two completely different people.  Vick has to spend his time repairing his image and taking steps to help put an end to dog fighting.  Young is supposedly trying to “soak up every bit of information on and off the field,” but his character problems could not be more different from Vick’s.  Vick made a mistake that got him in trouble with the law.  Young wanted out of a playoff game because he’s a quitter.

If Young follows Vick around off the field he’ll learn about how a player lives life after spending actual time in prison.  Unless he plans on going to the Big House in the future, I don’t see how that can help him as a football player.  If it works, more power to him.  Just don’t hold your breath.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3FAWE7UGPEHSAS3R6N3JBUI6Y CWood

    Steve you made some ignorant statements.   Vince young will learn integrity, humility, leadership, and maturity by emulating Michael off the field.  No player in the NFL commands more respect than Michael Vick after what he has been through and has emerged as a top football player, leader, and a person.  Those are life lessons that Vince Young can learn from whether or not he goes to prison. 

  • Anonymous

    Like anyone else, I commend Vick for what he has done in restoring his image.  I just don’t see the connection.  I hear what you’re saying about general characteristics that Vick has had to display since coming out of prison, but I fail to see how that can actually help Young who is supposedly “following his every move.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_22UHTGZKOEWNF6WMN3QKTLKISU atl2thabay

    CWood is talking about learning to be a professional qb- all the things Vick didn’t do before he went to jail. Coming in before & staying after practice with coaches, extra time in the film room, coming in on days off to lift weights and watch additional film. These are all things Young has been accused of not doing, Vick too- before he went to jail. Also the whole- “he can scramble” but “can’t throw” label- Pretty sure that used to apply to Vick, just like Young, before he changed his habits. You don’t think Vince could learn something?    Your article was dumb. Last time I click on a Steve whoever article, I doubt you’re as  obtuse as you pretend to be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alison-Roberts-Cooper/521639950 Alison Roberts Cooper

    Stupid article.  Vince Young has never done anything at the NFL level?  Do your homework.  He’s done more than you think.  He’s on the right track now, and with humility, he can and will be an elite qb in the NFL.  Mark my words. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E2BBBY3MM5YLZKXJEYF4XPGIA4 gavin

    Ya, Vince Young has never done anything in the NFL.  Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls and a 30-17 record with the Titans through 5 years….with defenses ranked worse than 25 in the league for three of those years.

    That’s not making excuses for his mental issues at times.  They are just facts.  For you to say he hasn’t done anything is ignorant and proves you have no idea what you are talking about.

    I’d like to mirror atl2thabay’s comments on preparation and work habits.  Those are things Young wants to improve on.  Who better to study from than someone like Vick who had the same issues when he was a young player?  (no pun intended)

    Terrible article all the way around.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Weirdest combination ever. I would never take Michael Vick for a role model.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_62VGVW7YO7VJDI2BK2FCRTJN3Q Deborah Wyatt

    Vince Young was comeback player of the year in 2009 asshole.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3FAWE7UGPEHSAS3R6N3JBUI6Y CWood

    Steve that is what you don’t understand, following every move is not only on the field but off and i guarantee you no one, I mean no one in the league would be able to reach Vince except Michael Vick.  It’s like getting a hard core gang leader to leave the gang and do good.  Is he going to follow someone who has had it easy and never been through anything or is he going to follow the mentor who has had endured some of the same hardships and turned his own life around?  You got to have the credibility and respect to get through some of these egos and right now I see this situation as one that will help Vince grow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3FAWE7UGPEHSAS3R6N3JBUI6Y CWood

    atl2thabay is right I am talking about being a professional but I am also talking about being a man and a leader.  There was an interview where Vick showed me some of the same swagger that he used to have but it was different.  He deferred so much to his team and was really thankful that he is was in the position that he is today.  That humility with swagger is something that is difficult to obtain and is something that will win the hearts and minds of players, coaches, and fans.  That is what Vince has the opportunity to learn.  And if Vick hands over the regins to Vince and Vince truly allows himself to be tutored, he will be ready to be a true leader in this league.  Look I am not even an Eagles fan, I am from Cleveland, but the Eagle’s story was so compelling that can’t help but be a fan and anyone that had the guts to take a chance on Vick and now Vince is a team that i have to respect!