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Monday, June 25, 2018

Mitt Romney would want women admitted to August National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club remains committed to admitting only males as members, but politician Mitt Romney says he would change that if he were in charge.

The Republican presidential candidate responded to a reporter’s question about the gender issue at Augusta National Thursday and said he wants women in the club.

“Well of course. I’m not a member of Augusta. I don’t know if I would qualify — my golf game is not that good — but certainly if I were a member and if I could run Augusta, which isn’t likely to happen, but of course I’d have women in Augusta. Sure,” Romney said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Romney was the second politician to support women receiving admission to the club on Thursday. Earlier in the day, a White House spokesman said President Barack Obama believes women should be admitted.

The club has the right to decide its membership, and it’s withstood plenty of political pressure. As long as they avoid events that cause serious backlash (like what happened last year), they may continue to have their way.

H/T Off the Bench

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