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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sarah Jones’ ex-husband almost canceled wedding over cheating rumors

Along with recently admitting that she had sex with her former student while he was still a minor, ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones also confessed to cheating on her ex-husband, Nathan Wilburn. Wilburn spoke with Inside Edition on Monday and expressed disgust over the entire situation. He also revealed that he almost called off their wedding when rumors began circulating about Jones and her student.

“Why did she go through with this marriage?” Boyd said while explaining that Jones swore the rumors were untrue. “It’s like she wanted to hurt me. I’m heartbroken to be honest. It would be one thing for her to just plead guilty and get out of there but for her to do this takes it to another level.”

Wilburn was referring to the fact that Jones is now openly dating Cody York and even held hands with him as she left the courtroom following her guilty plea last week. He said he confronted York when he realized Jones was texting the 17-year-old late at night and nearly called off the wedding then.

“He was nervous,” Wilburn said of the phone call he made to York. “He was scared. He even hung up on me at one point and I called him back. He was saying ‘Oh, she’s my teacher, she helps me with my schoolwork, she’s my tutor.’”

Wilburn also said he believes Jones is getting off “scot-free,” and we tend to agree with that. The fact that she doesn’t have to serve a day of jail time after cheating on her husband with a 17-year-old — who happened to be her student — is pretty disturbing. At this point Wilburn should just be happy Jones is no longer his problem.

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