Adam Burish Calls Pronger an ‘Idiot’

You just won the Stanley Cup on your opponent’s home ice. You: A) Celebrate the accomplishment with your teammates, B) Respectfully congratulate your opponents on a hard fought series, C) Thank your hometown fans for their unconditional love, or D) Pull an Adam Burish and take a cheap shot at Chris Pronger by calling him the “biggest idiot in the league.” Let’s go to the videotape of Adam Burish calling Chris Pronger the “biggest idiot in the league.”

This is a classless, unnecessary move by the Blackhawks winger, who hardly had nearly the impact on the series that Pronger did. For a player who spent the majority of the season inactive due to injury, these are some pretty bold words. Burish and the Blackhawks have every right to be upset with how Pronger carries himself on the ice — the guy is a choppy pest — but sometimes you just have to let it go, take the high road, and not throw a cheap shot at an opponent at the expense of your own dignity. Even with the NHL offseason upon us, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pronger keeps this one in mind the next time he skates past Burish on the ice.

Video – Adam Burish: “Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league.” [ProHockeyTalk]

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  • SpinMax

    maybe you don’t know Steven, but Pronger is one of the biggest cheap shot artists in the league.
    If somebody went Bertuzzi or Domi on him, the league would be smiling. He is just another ulf samuelson who deserves what he gets.

    just an endless parade of crap from this idiot. Few in the NHL would call those comments classless.

  • Ben

    Man, what a loser. Enjoy your teammates win.

  • JS

    I hardly heard Burish’ name called at all during the playoffs and especially the finals. The Hawks have to manipulate some salary cap during the offseason and Burish may be the first to go.

  • SpinMax

    Whatever you think of Burish, if he went out there and busted his stick over Pronger’s head, he’d quietly be
    the most popular guy in the NHL amongst players.