Alex Ovechkin falls over boards during line change (Video)

The Capitals may have beaten the Bruins 2-1 to tie their first-round playoff series at two, but Alex Ovechkin was the big loser for this embarrassing moment. Ovechkin was trying to hop over the boards during a line change, but it looks like he lost his concentration, along with his balance, and tumbled over. The hits keep coming for Ovi, who has only scored one goal in the series.

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  • Anonymous

    Happens to every player. One time I took a shot off the side of the foot, it just went numb. I managed to make it to the boards, and tried to climb over, but just couldn’t push off and ended up sliding embarrassingly back down to the ice.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s what the door is for, Spin!