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Monday, June 18, 2018

Blackhawks Owner Tells Chicago to Boycott Orange During Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals begin on Saturday night at the United Center in Chicago with the Blackhawks hosting the Philadelphia Flyers. In an act of superstition, Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz is telling the people of Chicago to boycott everything orange — one of the primary colors of the Flyers.

“I’m taking every orange tie in my closet and throwing it out. Restaurants could take anything orange off the menu for the time being. Weekend, maybe. And no wearing orange.”

This is pretty cool. It would be even cooler if people actually listened and there was no orange around the city this weekend. It could very well happen. Blackhawks fever is rampant; even the famous Art Institute lions have gotten in the spirit and are sporting Blackhawks helmets.

So listen up Chicago, the following things are banned until the series is over: orange soda, orange juice, Doritos, Cheetos, carrots, goldfish (the actual fish and the delicious snack), any piece of orange clothing, sunsets, open flames, sherbet, actual oranges, and bad spray tans. Anything I left out that is orange is also prohibited.

As for Philadelphia, there are way too many things that are red to made a good list for you but apples, roses, strawberries, cherries, Coca Cola labels, ladybugs and traffic lights are a pretty good start. Although I wouldn’t really recommend boycotting red lights but hey, that’s your call.

Blackhawks Boycott! Orange is Out [Chicago Sun-Times]

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